Saturday, June 13, 2009

8th Grade Promotion

Me and Christian

Me and my family (Thanks guys!)

Michael and I

Brittany and I

Me and my friends (Rebi, Brock, Me, Brittany, Haylie, Annie, and Brett)

Promotion was so sad because I'm going to miss all my friends! But I know that I will hang out with them over the summer! I <3 you guys you made this year the best ever!

After Promotion my family had a little brunch thing and all my family was there it was really nice. After that my gpa took me cleat shopping and I got some. After that I went to my friend Addison's pool party and all my friends were there. I didn't bring my swimsuit because I didn't think we would be swimming because it would be so cold but I was so wrong haha :] I got thrown in with my clothes by my friend Adam!(Hes strong :]hahaha)And then after the party I went shopping with my parents and it was really fun! And then we had a little friends over to have dinner and that was pretty fun. Then this morning I had to wake up at 6 to go play soccer :/ so that was fun I guess. I'm going to miss all my friends but I know I'm gonna see them in high school and we are going to have a blast!

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  1. Congratulations again on graduating! I bet it feels good to be out of middle school. Thanks for having me there to share it with you.