Friday, June 5, 2009

Best Mutual Ever! (Water Kickball)

Rachael, Natalie, Mylee, and I

Me running and making a home run! who!

Me kicking the GIGANTIC ball!

And J.J. fell when he kicked the ball and it easy really funny!!!!

Okay for Tuesday night we played water kickball at the park! It was so much fun it was played with a big yellow exercise ball and we ran around the bases and for home plate it was the big slip and slide! In my opinion it was one of the best combined activities that we have done in a long time! I got soaked because Bishop thought it would be so funny if he just got me all wet (He had to give me a ride home too so the joke was on him hahaha :]) anyways it was A LOT OF FUN and I wish we could do it again! (BTW our team won!)


  1. It WAS fun, wasn't it! You're crazy! I don't think anyone was wetter than you.

  2. That looks like a lot of wild (the good kind)fun! You have good YW leaders!

  3. CONGRATS on Graduating, by the way... "High School... here I come!!!" -Mauri